Non-Profit Foundation Management Library is an open source library which aiming to solve your my management issues on non-profit foundation. Such as how to foundation choose leader, make decision, fundraising, how to plan and conduct programs and marketing for non-profit foundation.

Why This Happen

In an interview, I was asked : you departed from NGO for a few years, do you think you still fit for NGO (actually, it meant the job). It took me a while to answer that question. The logic of this question suggested you need stick with NGO stuff all along your life, if you want a NGO (Non-Profit Foundation) job again.

So this is it. At the very beginning , I built this library for that sake, to prove I was qualified the job (yet, I didn’t get that).

Now, this library built on solving the question:

How to manage a non-profit foundation after registration ?

Above is the first level. Management always mean control, plan and etc. Let’s ask further/big question:

How to run a non-profit foundation ?

In this level, we would answer

- how to manage it first ?
- how to make it sustainable ?
- what's the key factor in running a foundation ?
- how to measure the performance ....

Running a Non-Profit Foundation , including :

  • Foundation common management (the vision/mission/strategy/planing/activities, and hr, administration etc. );
  • Foundation Marketing and Development
  • Conducting programs or fund grants

About This Library

1.Solve the problems

This is a personal website, solve the puzzle that I’ve had on Non-profit foundation management. Under those principle:

  • Only provide the path on solving problems, not the specific approaches
  • These materials also can use on other NGO’s management issue.
  • All categories made by people for convenience, this doesn’t mean it’s the right way.
  • All view in the library is my own.

2.Built with

  • Content: base on Managing the Non-profit Organization: Principles and Practices written by Peter Drucker(Chinese translation edition);

  • Tech base on:

    Git/Github pages, Hexo, Node.js, npm , markdown.

About Authors

About Mr. Peter F. Drucker

Peter Ferdinand Drucker (1909.11.19 - 2005.11.11) was an Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author, whose writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of the modern business corporation. He was also a leader in the evelopment of management education, he invented the concept known as management by objectives and self-control, and he has been described as “the founder of modern management”. (via Wikipedia)

About Site Owner

Hi, I’m Zhu Yuanzhi, also aka Zhou Sanfeng, used to work in NGO, now live in China as consultant (CSR, NGO/Foundation grant).

You can check my profile: https://zhou.3feng.im/


Glad to receive your message : zhou@3feng.im

You can email me any materials on all issues this website had listed.

Have a nice day.