Non-Profit Foundation Management Library

Why this happen

In an interview, I was asked : you departed from NGO for a few years, do you think you still fit for NGO (actually, it meant the job). It took me a while to answer that question. The logic of this question suggested you need stick with NGO stuff all along your life, if you want a NGO (Non-Profit Foundation) job again.

So this is it. At the very beginning , I built this library for that sake, to prove I was qualified the job (yet, I didn’t get that).

Now, this library built on solving those question:

How to manage a non-profit foundation after registration ?

Above is the first level. Management always mean control, plan and etc. Let’s ask further question:

How to run a non-profit foundation ?

In this level, we would answer

- how to manage it first ?
- how to make it sustainable ?
- what's the key factor in running a foundation ?
- how to measure the performance ....

Running a Non-Profit Foundation , including :

  • Foundation common management (the vision/mission/strategy/planing/activities, and hr, administration etc. );
  • Foundation Marketing and Development

The structure

Common management

Leader oriented:

  • Vision/mission establishing and assessment
  • Strategy and planning
  • Performance management
  • HR and internal relationship
  • Self-development


Foundation oriented

  • Foundation marketing
  • Foundation development
  • DM&E (program development monitor & evaluation)
  • Social invest (and SROI)
  • Foundation Law (China and the world)